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I heartily welcome you all at DignitaL. DignitaL is a Web Journal To Explore Lifestyle. Simplifying Lifestyle Factors, Social Living, And Many More. Access Content in a Systematic Way.

What you will find on DignitaL: 

  • A new way to see the world.
  • Lifestyle Factors.
  • How to make social living better?.
  • Going and forthcoming threats to humanity.
  • Simplify your life in real and practical ways.
  •  Are you remember your Death-Bed? (Your Last Moment Of Life) 


Human life is the best gift given to us by God to enjoy with full enthusiasm because we are very different and special to have a Human Life with a great mind. We can think and interpret the information. 

I am going to represent humanity and this world with a New Look. You will surprise to see the New Look. 

Are you preparing for your Death-Bed? 

Death of my Relative-

Once my close relative was on his Death-Bed. I was present that day. He was saying something to his son and passed away after some hours. 

After the last rites, I asked the deceased son that what his father told you at the last moment?

I was surprised to know about last moment thought. That was…

“Son, start doing whatever your desire or you want to do in your life in the very early stage of life. Otherwise, You will regret like me on your Death-Bed.”

Live a Regret Free Life with DignitaL.


I am Naphish Alam. I am a very simple guy. I see this world in a different way.

I started this Web Journal to represent humanity and this world in a New Look. 

I was very interested in simplifying the complex stuff. I was very interested in writing and finding new things. I felt great contentment by sharing my learnings. So I started blogging in April 2019.

                                                          So, at last, I pray to the almighty that they may protect us from all obstacles and show the right path to the whole of humanity. 

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