Is Your Relationship Hurting You Mentally and Physically? 13 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Ah, relationships! They can be the source of immense joy, love, support, care, openness, help and more. But only when everything is well and good between the two hearts. 

Furthermore, in today’s digital age, we all are living a completely new life we never imagined. We have the internet, technology, gadgets and a lot of smart devices all the time. While these things are basic necessities these days, they cause a lot of relationship issues.  

A girl and boy in love

For example, you may be trying to have a meaningful conversation with your partner while they’re scrolling on social media for cat memes and ignoring your emotional needs. It’s no wonder you feel like you’re going crazy!

I am also one of you who often face relationship issues because of too much technological involvement. In addition, there are also many reasons for rising issues in relationships. After all, I have noticed a few signs of an unhealthy relationship after I got married. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, you will have to throw out the below things from your healthy relationship checklist. 

Moreover, grab a cup of tea, take a deep breath and let’s dive into the 13 red flags that indicate your relationship is hurting your mental and physical well-being. After you read this, you must ensure you exclude the below things from your checklist of happy relationships. 

Some Facts and Stats on Unhealthy Relationship

Let’s have a look at these facts and see what is going on in the world.  

According to

  1. Just under 15% of women (14.8%) and 4% of men in the US have been injured as a result of intimate partner violence that included rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner.
  2. 1 in 4 women (24.3%) and 1 in 7 men (13.8%) aged 18 and older in the US have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.
  3. Almost half of all women and men in the US have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner in their lifetime (48.4% and 48.8%, respectively). (source)

13 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Unhealthy Relationship
  1. Lack of Communication

Good communication is vital everywhere in life. Effective communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship. According to a study conducted by the University of California, couples who communicate openly and honestly are more likely to have successful long-term relationships. 

Try to keep things simple with your partner. Don’t argue on small things and try to solve any issues as soon as possible. 

  1. Frequent Arguments

Frequent arguments are one of the signs of an unhealthy relationship. While disagreements are normal, excessive and unresolved conflicts can indicate deeper issues. Research shows that couples who argue frequently are more likely to experience unhappiness and dissatisfaction in their relationship. So, instead of arguing, make things clear and reach a conclusion. 

Keep in mind that you don’t always need to conclude the conflict. On the way to concluding things, you can trigger more issues.  

  1. Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse. A survey conducted by the National Domestic Violence Hotline revealed that 48% of respondents experienced emotional abuse in their relationships. 

Emotional abuse is when someone tries to control or dominate you using emotional criticism, embarrassment, shame, blame, or manipulation. If you are behaving like this with your partner, stop doing it now. 

  1. Control and Manipulation

A healthy relationship is built on trust and mutual respect. However, controlling behaviors and manipulation can erode these foundations. A study published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that controlling behaviors were associated with lower relationship satisfaction. 

Instead of controlling and manipulating someone, show them the truth. Or tell them why they should not do this. 

  1. Lack of Trust

Trust is fundamental to a healthy relationship. The American Psychological Association reports that trust issues can lead to increased anxiety, decreased relationship satisfaction, and even relationship dissolution.

Don’t always chase your partner. Try to establish an open communication so they can disclose anything with you.

  1. Isolation from Friends and Family
A couple with their child

Isolation from loved ones is a common tactic used by abusers. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 81% of women and 35% of men who experienced intimate partner violence reported significant social isolation.

You need to keep yourself away from any kind of abuse. If things are getting worse, don’t hesitate to seek help from your relatives or a medical professional. 

  1. Constant Criticism

Criticism can erode self-esteem and create a toxic environment. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that criticism in relationships was associated with lower relationship satisfaction and increased conflict.

While criticism may be a way to fix certain things, you should always be ahead to appreciate your partner. Appreciation makes them feel confident and makes them mentally and physically fit.

After all, if you find this point in your healthy relationship checklist, exclude it right away. 

  1. Lack of Support

Supportive partners are crucial for personal growth and well-being. Research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships suggests that perceived support from a partner positively impacts relationship satisfaction and overall life satisfaction.

Don’t say no if your partner needs support in any way. Alway be ahead to support them. 

  1. Disrespectful Behavior

Respect is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. A survey conducted by the National Domestic Violence Hotline revealed that 62% of respondents experienced disrespectful behavior from their partners. 

You should not behave disrespectfully with your partner. Show them that they are valuable to you. 

  1. Power Imbalance

Equality is vital for a healthy partnership. A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that power imbalances in relationships were associated with lower relationship satisfaction and increased conflict.

  1. Financial Control

Financial control can be a form of abuse. The National Network to End Domestic Violence reports that financial abuse occurs in 99% of domestic violence cases.

Set a budget to live a good life. Instead of always denying shopping, show them what you earn.

  1. Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy is essential for emotional connection and satisfaction. A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that lack of sexual intimacy was associated with lower relationship satisfaction.

Never ignore an intimate relationship with your partner. Like other things, it is the core to a successful living.  

  1. Fear and Anxiety

Feeling fearful or anxious in a relationship is a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that anxiety disorders can significantly impact relationships and contribute to relationship distress.

So, if you or your partner are anxious for any reason, try to assist each other in clearing worries. Don’t delay going to medical facilities if things are out of control. 


Recognizing the signs of an unhealthy relationship is crucial for our emotional well-being. By understanding these red flags and seeking support when needed, we can work towards building healthier and more fulfilling relationships in our lives. Remember, your happiness and safety should always be a priority.

After all, if you are seeing any of the above signs of an unhealthy relationship, be cautious. You love life is at risk. If you don’t take the right action with time in mind, you may go through serious challenges. 
Talk to your partner, seek professional help, practice mindfulness and do whatever you can to bring your love life on the right path.

Thank you for taking a step for a change.

Love to hear from you below.


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Dealing with toxic parents can be extremely challenging and emotionally draining. It’s important to remember that your well-being is a priority, and you have the right to set boundaries and seek support. Here are some steps you can follow to deal with toxic parents:

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  • Find time to do the things you like.
  • Spend time together.
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