How I Became a Content Writer with Zero-Knowledge and Saved My Family Financially

An Interesting Story About How I Came Into The Online World And Became A Content Creator.

It was 2018 when I learned about income opportunities in the online world.

At this time, I was studying and in the final year of graduation, and I was also preparing for bank exams. 

The first thing I knew was “Blogging” as an income source.

I found that Blogging is an online source of income. Anyone can make money through it by writing and sharing online.

After knowing these things, I remembered the writing I used to do in my personal diary.

That was a great experience when I knew the importance of what I had written.

Meantime I knew about the term “content.”

After all, I had written a motivational short content piece, a poem inspired by the book, and some other content pieces in my diary. 

I used and created a website to post the handwritten content of my diary.

I created a website naming “” and posted that handwritten content by creating a digital copy. 

Below is an one of the images I created for home page of blogspot.

Initial blog image

I thought that now all work was done, and this was the time to make money online. 

I knew about Google Adsense and started looking for ways to make money through it. 

But I was not aware of the reality and how things work in the blogging and online world. 

Further, I came to know that I have to write long content and make a professional website. 

Then I started learning about the content and how to write one that works. 

I did many trials for writing and creating websites. 

But I always fail.

One thing that pushed me to go ahead was my curiosity to enter the Tech Industry. 

I didn’t stop doing things and kept learning further. 

At the same time, I started using YouTube properly for my learning about the digital world. 

I read a lot of blogs by Harsh Aggarwal and learned about blogging and content. 

Finally, I purchased a domain name called “” and connected it to 

I put a lot of effort into making a professional website using a free theme. 

Fortunately, I succeeded in creating a website that looks professional. 

Then I enhanced the diary content and posted it on the website. 

I got married in 2019, and things stopped for a few months.  

In the last of 2019, my wife suggested me to go to Delhi for better preparation of competitive exams for Bank PO. 

Thanks to my wife for sending me to Delhi. 

If she didn’t send me, I might not be a content creator today. 

After all, I started working as an Investigation Report Writer in an investigation agency called Scrutiny Professionals due to financial issues. 

Job at scrutiny

I did this job for a few months and returned home in a pandemic lockdown. 

In July 2020, I got a job opportunity for a Delhi-based IT company (Eglobal Soft Solution) for the role of technical content writer.   

Job at eglobal

From now onwards, I never stopped. 

Now I have more than 2.5 years of experience in content writing and have worked on both national and international projects.

11 Learnings from my life’s journey:

  1. Do things that add value to your life. 
  2. If you don’t see results in the present moment, you will see it in the long term. 
  3. Enjoy the journey and don’t chase the result. 
  4. The result is the byproduct of your incredible work journey. 
  5. Whatever you do in your life will get connected after some time. 
  6. Maintain consistency but never ignore the latest trends in the market. 
  7. Do things that give you inner satisfaction. 
  8. Don’t hesitate to accept changes.    
  9. Accept the decisions that your parents make for you. 
  10. Whatever you do in your life never goes in vain.
  11. Your every single action has a positive or negative impact on your life.

Thanks to everyone for visiting this post. I hope this post will add a little value to your life. 

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