Competition in Life: Why are People Living Competitive Life

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I am surprised to see that the people are living a very competitive life. In fact,  I was also a part of the same but now I am different. All are trying to compete with their competitors. People are trying to get a shortcut to success. Today, competition is on the boom.

Competition is everywhere. Competition starts when you follow the common path of doing something. People focus more on other people instead of focusing on themselves. There are a lot of reasons why people are living a hardcore competitive life.

The very first reason is that they are trying to explore more opportunities. They start following the path that has been already made by someone. They have not the courage to make their own path. I am going to uncover the untold truth behind it.

Types of People (competition)

There are different types of people who survive in our surroundings. All have a different point of view of seeing something. They have a different mindset. Most people live their life only for two times meal. Very few have a goal of doing something great in life. All follow different lifestyles. They come from different family classes. The financial condition of all is also different.

In addition to it, Getting a job is the mindset of most people. When anyone gets a job, it satisfies their basic needs. Doing the job is not bad, it fulfills all your basic requirements. But the problem is with your mindset. If you are doing the job with a plan of doing something on your own then you can easily quit your job once you make a successful business. But some people only do the job by not dreaming anything other than a job.                     

The mindset of people is all about the way they think about any scenario of life. Mindset is a perspective of looking at something as per upbringing. Your feelings are different in various moments of life. The situation in your life can be worst but how we take it, completely depends on you.

Why adverse situations come into our lives? – Competition

There is a lot of questions that always create confusion in your mind. If God has made us, then why god doesn’t control and make a situation good in human life. I think God has made us and make us capable to think and interpret information. Most people overcome the difficult situation of life with time but very few people excel in life and give a new dimension to life.

First of all, we have to make a very strong motive of doing something great in life. If you don’t have a strong motive then we give up once we face a hard time in life. Then we can easily revive ourselves from any worst situation in life. Our strong motive gives a spark in the body at all the time to be proactive. A strong spark is essential to surge ahead in life at all the time.   

Competition in life                                            

Now I am going to use the word ” Rat Race” for the people who follow others rather than making their own path. As rats and animals follow each other just like that most people are also following each other. Following each other means that moving on the same path. So, here the question is that why people follow each other.

Chess pieces

As per my knowledge, they have not their own path to move ahead. Another reason is that they are not trying to make their own path because they are not ready to face challenges. Their risk appetite is zero. If we understand deeply then we will find that there are a very small percentage of people in our country who have done something extraordinary and contributed a lot to this world.

Be a creator

We are only consuming the products and services that are made by those people. I mean to say that we are dependent on those people for their products. It is not bad but we also have to create something to contribute to this world. Life is only not about satisfying our basic needs. God has created everything in this nature for a purpose. We just have to find out that purpose. We have to take our own stand. Keep away yourself from the rat race and do something new otherwise, no one will remember you after your death.     

Think about your social connections                  

Our social connections play an important role in life. It is the reality that we grow in our life as our social connections are. Social connections mean what type of people we are living with and what type of people are living in our surroundings. It puts a big impact on your life. 

If we are living with a scientist and it is not sure that we will become a scientist but it a strong possibility that we will do something productive that can transform our life. But another side, we become a criminal by living with a criminal.


After all, in all cases, it totally depends on us that what we will make. Our mindset and our point of view decide that how we take any situation in our life but we can’t take the risk. We have to make our social connections good.                                           

Small thinking and not having a desire of doing something is the biggest problem of people’s failure. Small thinking means not dreaming big. Most people think that they can’t think big because we are not rich. Only rich people can think big. They don’t try to think big because they think that they are poor and big talks and thoughts are not made for them. Another problem is that not having a desire.

Nurturing a desire in ourselves is the first step on the path of richness. If we nurture a desire to do something out of the track then our desire pushes us ahead to take further actions to achieve our goal. No one takes money for us if someone thinks big. We can think, dream and desire. If we can think of dreams and desires, we can get them.                                               

Nowadays most people are living their life in an aimless manner. They don’t have a plan. They only think about their survival. Even survival for most people is not easy. They work hard day and night to feed their family. But the problem with them is not having an aim in life. I have already discussed that how it works in our life. Competitions creates when a large number of people started doing the same things. Chances of getting success are impossible in this field.

Let’s take an example. There is a job in M/S XYZ LTD. for typists. Opening announced and 1000 applicants applied for the same. Now that vacancy became very popular. How one vacancy will all get. The selection process of hiring will tough. If that applicants explore new opportunities and explore their expertise. It is not hard to get a job.

To get rid of this competitive era, we have to upgrade ourselves with the demanding skills and expertise that are need in the industry. This way we can easily live a good life.

Thank you.


  1. Why is competition considered important in life? 

Competition in life is seen as important because it motivates people to try harder, think creatively, learn new things, and improve their skills. It can also give you motivation and a feeling of accomplishment when you achieve your goals.

  1. How can healthy competition contribute to personal growth and success?

Healthy competition can contribute to personal growth and success by pushing individuals to reach their full potential, encouraging continuous learning and improvement, and fostering resilience and determination. It can also provide valuable feedback on strengths and areas for improvement.

  1. Can competition lead to stress and anxiety? How can I manage it? 

Yes, competition can lead to stress and anxiety, particularly if it becomes too intense or the focus shifts from personal growth to solely winning. Managing competition-induced stress involves maintaining a balanced perspective, focusing on personal goals and growth rather than comparing oneself with others, practicing stress management techniques such as mindfulness and relaxation exercises, and seeking support when needed.

  1. What is the balance between competition and cooperation in achieving success? 

The balance between competition and cooperation in achieving success involves recognizing the value of both. While competition can drive individual performance, cooperation allows for collective success through teamwork and collaboration. To achieve this balance, we need to create an environment where everyone treats each other with respect, communicates openly, and works towards the same objectives.

  1. How can I foster a healthy competitive spirit in my personal and professional life? 

Promoting a healthy competitive spirit means concentrating on getting better and growing as an individual, not comparing yourself to others. It also means setting achievable goals, cheering for your own achievements and others’ accomplishments, staying positive when faced with challenges, and encouraging teamwork in addition to competition.

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