How To Live Life With Full Potential [Regret Free Life]

How To Live Life With Full Potential [Regret Free Life]

You all are thinking that what is this regret-free life or what is life living with full potential? Why do my family and friends say that hey Naphish you are well qualified but why you are not earning?. Why I fight with my wife and tell her that I will leave or divorce you?


You all are thinking that this man is mad. I have clearly told my wife that I have to be a billionaire in the next five years anyhow.

I am not mad. I just want to live every single second of my life full of my potential. You can say that what is the need of living life in such a mad manner. I will prove everything right that I have told.     
Explore Yourself   
What does it mean by exploring yourself? Don’t confuse with this term. I will clear everything. Exploring yourself means that discover your hidden potential that leads to great success in life.
When you explore yourself, you break your limitations. And I want to tell you that this is the only way to live and enjoy life with full of powers. Exploring means searching for new things within the self.
Do you often say that What I do? I have not any skills.  My luck is not good. I have no money. I have not good back support or affluent family background.  These all question always arises in your mind. I just say one thing that discover the hidden money-making skill with full of your focus or learns it.

The Biggest Reason For Doing Something  

You live your life only by satisfying your daily needs. Very few people think beyond their basic needs. I know this is the first priority in life.
To think beyond basic needs means that do something extraordinary in life. But it doesn’t easy. The very first question that arises in my mind that people don’t know that we have to think beyond our basic needs. People get too busy in their lives that even they have no time to think about themselves.
When you started compromising with the worst situation in your life, actually, you are killing your real potential of doing something big. 

Why questions didn’t arise in your mind that why this situation in your life?. And remember that where there is a problem there is an opportunity of doing something.
It’s ok that you are poor, you have no money and also no financial support. You will surprise to know that you need not spend even a single cent of your money on thinking big.
Stop compromising with your bad situations by saying that hey, I am unlucky I have no money and all the things.
To Change the worst situation or the problem of life or family is the biggest reason for doing something new so that you could easily overcome all problems of your life.
Once you have a big reason for doing something and a spark within you then you start taking actions to solve the problems and one day you succeed in life.

Man exploring life underwater
Man exploring life underwater

Top 10 Basic Skills That Are Required To Get Success In Life

  1. Complex Problem Solving
  2. Creativity
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Service Orientation
  5. Coordinating With Others
  6. Negotiation Skill
  7. Judgment And Decision Making
  8. Cognitive Thinking
  9. Critical Thinking
  10. People Management
Researchers say that If a person acquires the above skills then he will surely get success in life.
After all, we need good patience and faith to get success in the long run. If you haven’t those skills, you can learn them.

Remember Your Deathbed

Hey listen, don’t forget that one day we shall have a taste of death and this is the harsh reality of life. That is why I am talking about all the things. 

So always keep yourself close to god and nature because we don’t know which moment will be the last moment of our life. 
When you will die or about to die, you will be on your death bed and your friends, relatives, and family will be around in the last moment of your life.
An important thing is that what you feel about yourself at the last moment. When you will be on your death bed, you will see a flashback of your deeds in a few seconds.
As you will see the flashback of your life, you will immediately realize what you have done in your life.
Have you live your life full of your potential without making any excuses of not doing something new. What you will achieve in your life is decided by the almighty based on your efforts in the right direction.
The result is not in our hands. We can give only our best efforts. At least one time you should try to achieve what you want in your life.
Once you will live your life by giving your best effort then you will not regret it on your death bed. You should always remember our death bed so that you could prepare for that.

Share If You Have More Than You Need

Your age is the time of advancement, growth, and opportunities. Where everyone is trying to earn money. Everyone has a hunger for money. And it is a reality that people are earning money on a large scale.
If you are earning more than your need then share it with the needy.
The famous Businessman Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari says that ” Today you are hungry to earn money but one day you will have more than your need. Then share it to the needy.”
When we share something with someone, we feel contentment and peace. And believe me, this is the biggest virtue.


At last, I want to say that live your life in a way so that at least you could face yourself. Live life full of potential so that you couldn’t regret on the death bed. I am not a writer. I am just sharing my learnings in form of words. 

I hope after knowing the facts you will start living every single second of life the same day.


  • What does it mean to live life to its full potential?

Living life to its full potential means taking advantage of chances to improve, following your passions, and working hard to reach your own goals in life and career. This means you must keep learning, think positively, and do good things for other people.

  • How can setting personal goals help me live up to my full potential? 

Setting personal goals provides a roadmap for what you want to achieve in life. It gives you a clear direction and helps you stay focused and motivated. Achieving these goals not only brings satisfaction and happiness but also helps you realize your full potential.

  • What role does self-awareness play in realizing my full potential? 

Self-awareness plays a crucial role in realizing your full potential. It involves understanding your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and values. This understanding allows you to make decisions that align with your true self, leading to personal growth and fulfillment.

  • Can overcoming fears and stepping out of my comfort zone help me reach my full potential? 

Yes, overcoming fears and stepping out of your comfort zone can significantly help you reach your full potential. It allows you to take risks in life, try new things, and open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities for growth.

  • How important is maintaining a healthy lifestyle in living life to its fullest? 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely important in living life to its fullest. Good physical health boosts energy levels, improves mood, enhances productivity, and contributes to overall well-being. It involves doing exercise regularly, eating a variety of healthy foods, getting enough rest, and going for check-ups to stay healthy.

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