Decluttering Life Hacks: How to Simplify Your Life and Reduce Clutter

Modern life is busy and complex. These days people are very busy. They have time to waste on social media or the internet, but they don’t have time to take care of their life. After all, life also gets complicated when we have too much workload, a busy schedule, and a daily list of things to do. 

From every angle, modern life encourages us to do more, be more, earn more, spend more, and achieve more. So, thinking about many things makes us tired or bored. So, we should think carefully. Simplifying our life is about focusing on what is important to us. There are decluttering life hacks to help you.

In this context, we will share some practical tips that will help you simplify your life and reduce clutter. Some tips are straightforward, but others may take some time to put in place or take effect. 

Below are the following tips for simplifying your life and eliminating clutter:

  • Simplify Your Home
  • Simplify Your Clothes
  • Simplify Your Meals
  • Simplify Your Budget Or Finance
  • Say No To People Sometimes

More about these decluttering hacks

  1. Simplify Your Home

Our home is where our family and we live and relax. If our home is cluttered and dirty, it is a burden on our time and stresses us out. So, we should clean our entire home daily. We should think about decluttering our homes and creating some space. 

We should walk through our house, and focus on the high-traffic areas like the living room and kitchen. If there is dirt or garbage in any area of our home, do a quick clean at this place.

  1. Simplify Your Clothes

Everyday we think about a lot of things. One of the decisions is deciding what to wear each morning. If the clothes in the wardrobe are arranged, it will be easier for us to decide what to wear. So, we should keep our clothes arranged, cleaned and ironed every piece. We should keep only those clothes which are well fitted in our bodies and we love most. This is a great decluttering life hack. 

If we need something new, then we should purchase well-made quality clothes. We should not buy clothes simply because they are on sale or a great deal. Whenever we buy, think about how they are made, look at the fabric, look at the quality of the stitching, the weight of the fabric, and of course, the fit.   

  1. Simplify Your Meals

Meals are essential parts of simplifying our life and reducing clutter. These days we are consuming too much fast food, which is hazardous for our bodies. We should make a complete weekly meal plan based on that, including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for every family member.

We buy things many times because we think we would use them, but after some time, they go out of date. With the weekly meal plan, we should buy what we need for these meals to save the amount we waste each week. 

We waste too much time thinking about what we will cook today and do not make the right decision because of overthinking. We should follow the weekly meal plan and save time and money. By doing this, we eat healthy and fresh food and eliminate junk food.

  1. Simplify Our Budget Or Finances     

Simplifying our budget makes it easier for us to spend money. We often forget to pay bills or many other things in the last month. We should make a monthly plan and spend our money accordingly. If we have any debt, we should make an immediate plan to clear it. 

There is a budget rule called 50/30/20. In this rule, we can spend 50% of our salary on our needs, such as rent payments, EMI payments, groceries, insurance, healthcare, debt payments, mobile phone bills, and utilities. These are our needs, and we can spend on them. The extra expenses are not included in our needs. 

We can spend 30% of our salary on our wants such as dinners and movies out, vacations, new clothes, latest electronic gadgets, etc. Ultimately, we should spend 20% of our salary on savings and investments. 

We should invest our money in the stock market if we know about this; otherwise, we can lose our money. We can also save our money through government schemes.

We should have at least three months of emergency savings on hand if we lose our job or during a pandemic. 

  1. Say No To People Sometimes

If someone asks us to do something and we do not have time to do it or don’t want to, then say no. If we are saying no to a person does not mean that it is not forever. It means that not for today. 

Saying no sometimes is a sign of respect. When we say no to a person, we are honest and authentic. Saying no sometimes causes some people to get angry at us. We should not do any work for someone’s happiness. We should only do the work if we want or love to do it.

These are things you can do to make your life easier. And finally there are many benefits of simplifying your life.

Final Word

We can simplify our life and reduce clutter by applying all the above decluttering life hacks. Following these above tips will help us in our daily lifestyle. Read above to learn more. 


  1. What are some effective strategies for decluttering my home? 

Effective strategies for decluttering your home include setting a schedule, tackling one room at a time, sorting items into categories (keep, donate, trash), and implementing a system for organizing items. It’s also helpful to regularly reassess your belongings and let go of items you no longer need or use.

  1. How can decluttering improve my mental health and well-being? 

Decluttering can improve mental health and well-being by reducing stress and anxiety. It helps improve focus, and creates a sense of accomplishment. You should remember that a clean and organized environment can also promote better sleep and increase productivity.

  1. Can decluttering help me to focus and be more productive?

Yes, decluttering can help improve focus and productivity. A clutter-free environment reduces distractions, making it easier to concentrate on tasks. It also saves time spent searching for items, allowing for more efficient work.

  1. What is the “KonMari” method and how can it help me declutter? 

The KonMari method is a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life. It was created by cleaning consultant Marie Kondo and involves gathering all of your belongings, one category at a time, and then keeping only those things that “spark joy”.

  1. How often should I declutter my living spaces? 

How often someone declutters their belongings can vary based on what they like and how they live their life? Some people like to clean up a lot once or twice a year, while others find it useful to do small cleanups more often, like once a month or even once a week.

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