Love Life: Why Does It Hurt To Be Away From The Person You Love?

Separation is not simple. At the time of separation, both partners are hurt very badly. When you truly love someone in your love life, that means whenever you are away from your partner for any reason or misunderstanding, you will be hurt very badly. Separation is very hurtful because you live in a relationship, and many things are attached, such as your feelings, emotions, happiness, and everything.

Further, being in a relationship can be a beautiful thing and a curse. When you miss your partner, you realize how much you care for them and how they are such a big part of your life. There are many reasons why it hurts to be away from your partner, the most important being that you deeply care for them.

After all, keep reading to learn more. 

Reasons for Separation in a Relationship (Love Life) 

Separation is not good for a relationship, but sometimes it is necessary because both partners will be free from each other, and then they try to move on for their bright future. Going through a separation is experiencing real loss, and the bigger the love (love life), the connection, and the intimacy, the bigger the pain and suffering. 

If you are going through a separation, you might feel sad, distressed, angry, lost, and confused. You will experience grief because you lose a loved one, and now there will be loneliness in your life. 

Many people try to ignore their loss. Many people try to get rid of the pain and move on as quickly as possible. But it is not easy because your habits will suddenly change and you will not understand; now what you have to do.

Moreover, here are some reasons to help you understand why separation happens in a relationship.

  • Cheating   

If you want to run your relationship longer, you should not cheat your loved one at any cost. Cheating is a well-known reason for separation in a relationship. A good relationship is run on belief, not on cheating. 

Cheating breaks the sanctity of a good relationship and leaves no option other than separation for most people. So, you should not cheat on your partner and take care of each other. 

  • Communication Gap

Communication is the base of all relationships. People today usually spend most of their time on their phones or in front of a TV screen instead of focusing on the person in front of them, which creates a big communication gap. 

You should talk to your partner about your feelings, emotions, and every single thing that will help to end the communication gap. You need to get out of what you are thinking or your feelings. But anyhow, if you want to end the communication gap in your relationship, you should first express your feelings without any doubt.

  • Trust

Trust is a vital component in happy and successful relationships. It is your faith in someone who will always remain loyal to and love you. If you trust someone, you can rely on them because you feel safe with them and have confidence that they will not hurt you. If you have trust in your partner, then without any doubt, your relationship will be good, and make this trust in each other for your whole life. 

  • Financial Problems

Money is one of the primary reasons for separation in a relationship. Financial issues include both people’s saving and spending habits. If your earnings are low and do not fulfill your desires, you should talk to each other instead of fighting or quarreling. In other words, find solutions to the problems you are currently facing whether it is financial or others. 

  • Lack of Effort

Another reason for separation is the lack of effort to strengthen the relationship. If you are not putting enough effort into your relationship, it will show that your connection to your partner is starting to fade.  

Now returns to our main topic, which is why it hurts to be away from the person you love. 

Why are You Hurt When Your Love Leaves You?

  • Because Of Your True Love

True love means you have an unbreakable and unparalleled devotion for your partner. True love in love life is one of the most beautiful things that can change your thoughts about the person you love most.

You are hurt from your love because your love is true. You feel grief when you separate from your loved one. So, you should try to save your relationship instead of separating.

  • Because Of Your Hormones 

The body experiences thousands of emotions daily, which come from your hormones. Your body produces more oxytocin and vasopressin, two hormones stimulating your brain’s reward center.

In a study, it has been found that when you are with your partner, your body produces ‘happy hormones’ and so you are happy. It does hurt to be away from your partner because your hormones will make you feel more grief. 

  • Anxiety Can Make You Feel Hurt

When your partner is no longer with you, your anxiety grows more frequently than usual. 

It hurts to be away from your partner because you no longer have that comforting presence to ease your anxiety. In situations like this, you should try to engage in more self-care activities. 

You should try to connect with animals or people you like to lessen your anxiety, and then slowly, you will become less dependent on your partner for mental well-being. 

  • Moments Spent With Your Partner

Quality time is all about mindfully spending time together to show your appreciation & affection for one another. It increases connection and intimacy in your relationship. It means not just sitting in the same room simultaneously but actively choosing to make time for each other and your relationship. 

It does hurt to be away from your partner because you spent so many moments with your partner in your relationship. When you are separated from your loved one, you remember every moment you and your partner spent together and so you are hurt. 

  • You Feel A Little Lost When Your Partner Is Not Around 

One of the reasons why it hurts in your love life to be away from your partner is because sometimes they take your sense of self with them. When your partner is not around you, you can feel a little unsure about everything because now your partner cannot give you advice and take part in your every happiness and sadness, which can make you feel anxious and sad.

The best way to overcome this situation is to take small steps. You should try to do small things by yourself and slowly work on overcoming your fear of doing things. You will still miss your partner but for all the right reasons. 

  • Your Sudden Life Change Might Make You Feel Hurt

When you are in a relationship, you have a habit of being with your partner, talking to your partner, and many other things. But when your partner is separated from you, your life is changed, and you cannot do anything. 

You are hurt because you get a sudden face of insecurity. The best way to overcome and move on from this situation is to remind yourself that you can do things on your own. 


You can understand after reading this article why it hurts to be away from the person you love in love life. Also, you can learn how to overcome and move on from these situations. 

You should spend time with your friends and family members, and focusing on yourself can reduce your emotional stress and anxiety. 

Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if reading things on the internet doesn’t help. Finally, don’t forget yourself because you are the one who can only transform your life.

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