Indian Education System : How to save Yourself In This Unemployment Era

Different Aspects of Indian Education System

 1. What is the Education System:

The education system means a complete infrastructure of the educational environment in which people acquire knowledge related to his life and other aspects of life. The education system of any country like Indian Education System is the backbone of that country. Its basic nature is to educate people, which remains always the same everywhere.

If you want to live a stress-free life in this educational era where everyone is running in a race of life, then read this full article. I can make you smarter in the unemployment era.

What is the Education System
education system

Education means to acquire knowledge. The right way of education is the driving force of that country. Without education, we all are nothing. We all are human beings but education makes us a complete human. The Almighty has given us five senses organs (Eye, Nose, Ear, Skin, Tongue) Education teaches us how we could make ourselves better by using these valuable organs. 

The education system is a system of learning by which we can learn different things in our life. We know ourselves, who we are, and what is the purpose of life. There is only a way to develop any country, it is to deliver the right education. 

2. The Praise Worthy Aspects of the Indian Education System:

Our education system provides an environment for us to grow ourselves. Education is a superpower tool that can change our thought process, lifestyle and a lot of things in our life. The education system in India has given a new look to this country since its independence. It has gained a lot of achievement. The literacy rate of India as per the census of 2011 is around 73%,  has said by official sources. Still, the government needs to bring new polices to make the best education system in the world. 

The PraiseWorthy Aspects of the Indian Education System

The literacy rate of India in 1947 was around 12%. It means that we have progressed a lot in 73 years of independence. India is the country with the largest youth force. 

Education has made us social creatures instead of wild animals. It makes our youth like a warrior who can give new dimensions to this world. We human beings are very special creations of god because we have a proper education system.

Education makes us able to understand the reality of life. It also enables us to understand our relations with humanity. Education makes our thinking better and enables us to think practically. Proper education provides us extraordinary and innovative thinking. 

I heartily want you people to educate yourself and your young ones who will lead India to the next level. 
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3. The Shortcomings of the Indian Education System:                                             

The education system in India is not as good as it should be. The biggest shortcomings of current education system is that it completely fails to produce employability. Youth have skill deficits. This is because of the conventional system of education. 

Our education system isn’t expanding the mind of our youth. Our education system has made the thoughts of our youth narrow. They can’t think more other than getting a job. 94% of engineering graduates are not fit for hiring, have told by an IT company. (source: The Economic Times)

The Shortcomings of the Indian Education System

Current education system in India generates unemployment on a bigger scale. Our youth are wandering here and there in search of a job. There aren’t enough jobs in our country to meet today’s need for a job. Some of the youths are employed and some others are underemployed. Our youth haven’t problem-solving skills.

 Employed means that the person who has a job. Underemployed means that a person who has a job but not in the field of his/her expertise. Let’s take an example, Mohan is a graduate in computer science but he can’t get a job in his field, and now he is working in network marketing. Today, this is the biggest problem.

4. Why Indian Education System is Fail to Generate Employment: The 14 Major Factors

  • The low budget for Education.
  • Privatization of education.
  • Lack of awareness regarding the right education in people.
  • Outdated syllabus pattern.
  • Incompetent faculties.
  • Poor schooling system.
  • People aren’t aware of the right education.
  • Irresponsible behavior of people against education.
  • Less use of technology in our schooling system.
  • Lack of creative and logical thinking in students.

5. More Info About The Above Points:

The ratio of teacher-student in India is very lower in respect to other countries. Several educational scams have happened that have worsened the status of the education system. Students learn in an environment in which the approach of learning is problem-based.

 Youth have a problem-oriented mindset instead of the solution-oriented mindset. Universities and colleges aren’t delivering proper education because of incompetent faculties. According to the National sample survey office report (NSSO), the highest percentage of the unemployment rate is in 2017-18. This is 6.1 percent high in the last 45 years. `

Why Indian Education System is Fail to Generate Employment: The 14 Major Factors, More Info About The Above Points
14major factors of unemployment

Students are studying the syllabus that isn’t updated from time to time. We need a syllabus pattern that has relevant content from today’s point of view and is updating from time to time. Thousands of people become graduate and postgraduate every year. Numerous people have the highest degree, but the reality is that a very little percentage of these people are employable and a very big percentage of people are unemployed and underemployed.

Today, it is seen that our youth haven’t work skills to do a job. A very big percentage of the population is unskilled today. People are incapable of earning their livelihood. Our education system produces only job seekers. 

Why Indian Education System is Fail to Generate Employment: The 14 Major Factors
job seekers

No one talks about innovation and creation. All are following each other. All think only for a job that satisfies the needs of people. No one thinks about creating a job for others. Jobs are limited in our country that don’t meet today’s need for a job. India has fewer job creators who aren’t able to create a job for whole populations. After all, this all is creating a very competitive environment in which our youth are exploited.

6. What are the Solutions to the Problems:

The solutions to all these problems of Indian Education System are very clear. We all have to focus on work skills to turn the current education system into modern education system in India. We will have to be a skilled person. We should have different work skills. We will have to become a multiskilled person by avoiding any highest degree. One thing is very important that we all have to be very aware of. We will have to know the reality. We should take an overview of facts and figures as I have mentioned above. 
What are the Solutions to the Problems
using technology

Especially, I request the parents to be very aware of the career of their children. They should have to know the reality of the education system. This is a big responsibility of every person in India to be very aware. One should develop work skills in his child instead of only educating. Also, governments of some states are trying to turn old education system into new education system in India. 

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We have to show the reality to our children. Don’t hide anything from your children. If we make our children skilled guy, he will never unemployed. This is a possibility that he made a job creator.

Our children are the future of the country. If they are on the right path in life, they can change this country. Our country has the biggest workforce of youth. If we educate them properly that can change this world. A properly educated person can finish the crime.

What are the Solutions to the Problems
study with technology

I know you all are thinking that how is it possible? It is conceivable and we as a whole can do it. We also have some responsibilities for our country. 

We all should develop work skills by knowing the passion and interest of our children. Don’t kill the real potential of your children. Try to explore the work efficiency of your children. Become socially responsible to improve the Indian education system. 

Don’t force them to pursue only one career option because our children are more than we think. There are infinite career options. Don’t fit forcefully our Children in a particular career option. By this, we are killing the potential of our children. 

Giving birth to a baby and nurturing them, isn’t the only responsibility of parents. Parents should identify the real potential or give time to explore to their children.

Get the information from the right sources and then move ahead. Try to make a creator for your children. We can teach different work skills to our children by pursuing their education by using technology and other things.

Be a responsible citizen of India. India is a country of villages to which we all belong. So, India is our home and we all are a member of this family. We all belong to different casts, colors, and creed but we all have the same faith. We worship our planet as a motherland.

If we all are determined then we can do it and take a new dimension to this country. Then India and Indian education system will be more superpower all over the world. 

At last, I hope, you will share this article and take part in the movement of making a new India. Keep clean your city and be safe.



  • What are the current challenges faced by the Indian education system? 


The Indian education system faces several challenges, including a lack of quality infrastructure, outdated teaching methods, a curriculum that is not in sync with industry needs, high student-to-teacher ratios, and limited access to quality education in rural areas.

  • How can acquiring skills beyond formal education help combat unemployment? 


Acquiring skills beyond formal education can significantly help combat unemployment. These skills, often referred to as soft skills or vocational skills, are highly valued by employers and can set individuals apart in the job market. They include communication skills, problem-solving abilities, leadership qualities, digital literacy, and more.


  1. What role does entrepreneurship play in tackling unemployment in India? 


Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in tackling unemployment in India. It not only creates job opportunities but also contributes to economic growth. Entrepreneurs innovate and introduce new products and services, which require manpower, thus creating jobs.

  • How important is vocational training in today’s job market in India? 


Vocational training is extremely important in today’s job market in India. It provides helpful equipment to individuals with practical skills and knowledge in a specific trade or profession. As industries evolve and new sectors emerge, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals.

  • Can internships and work experience during education help improve employability? 


Yes, internships and work experience during education can significantly improve employability. They provide students with practical experience, help them understand industry trends, and allow them to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Internships also offer networking opportunities and can often lead to job offers.



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