Defiled Love: Do You Know That What is real Love and Impure Love

Defiled Love: Do You Know That What is real Love and Impure Love         


Sad girl
Sad girl

Defiled love is another form of love. In other words, when love loses its purity becomes impure love. It means that when an individual loves someone for their own pleasure by ignoring the desire of the partner, this kind of love is known as CUPBOARD LOVE. 

In which a person loves someone only for their physical pleasure. After a few days, the individual is completely satisfied with physical pleasure and betrays his or her partner. By this, the life of the victim is spoiled. It is very difficult for the victim to return back to real life.

I have to say that if want to know that what is real love and what is an impure love then read this article. I am going to tell you all the facts about love.

Love in life:

Smile on the face
A smile on the face

We are human beings. We have feelings and emotions. We have sense organs. In other creatures, they haven’t all the things that a human has. We can think and interpret the information. We all are connected to a relationship with the golden chain of love.

 We all have a specific role as mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, etc. to play. We play a different role of love in our life. We love our parents, elders, and youngster in our life. In all the time we have different feelings.

But there is love that is started in a particular age group of people. In which, the attraction is created for the opposite sex in males and females. They become very close to each other but they don’t understand that every attraction is not to love.

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 The attraction may be for physical pleasure because there is a particular hormone in our body. It secretes when an adult goes close to the opposite sex. They started a live-in relationship. From here, the game of defiled love starts.

What is true love: 

Husband and wife love
Husband and wife love

True love is a state of peace where we haven’t any special purpose or conditions. We haven’t any self motive. We don’t seek physical pleasure. We shouldn’t change others for our happiness. We should adjust and compromise with each other. We have to accept our partner as he is without any internal and external change. True love doesn’t seek material things.

We should respect the feelings and emotions of each other.. Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion. Emotions and feelings change, sometimes daily. But true unconditional love is everlasting. Two-person must have their ego on the side for true love.

Love means there is no separation between two people. There isn’t any possibility of separation. One can join with each other only on the mental level, not on the physical level. Physical compatibility with each other for some time isn’t love. We shouldn’t expect anything with our partner.

Love means when we see our love even after a long period of time, we kept watching by forgetting all the things and time stopped.

The advantage of Defiled love:

overcoming love failure
overcoming love failure

We learn a lot from the setback in our life. Remember that we win or learn in our life but never fail. When we overcome defiled love there is a chance to start a new life by dropping our past. We gain so much of things from our disappointments. 

We realize that disappointment is the mainstay of progress. After any kind of failure in our life, a new path is always begun for us.
We can forget all the things that we faced in our past because we can start a new life. We know that life is a game in which we win sometimes and lose sometimes. 

We also know that to win or to lose, this all is only a part of the game. Just like that in our life, we face many incidents and impediments but this is not our life, this is only a part of our life.

After all, we should start a new journey to prove ourselves, otherwise, we are nothing on this planet.

The disadvantage of Defiled love:

Hanging suicide rope
Suicide rope

Well, we all are aware of the disadvantage of defiled love. It isn’t necessary to tell you people about it. I will explain it in a few sentences.

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When an individual betrays someone, they finish their whole life by committing suicide. I am surprised to see the death rate due to love affairs and love failures. They aren’t ready to understand that any kind of incident in life is happened by order of the god. So, we all are the children of God and he never wants to spoil our life.

The almighty take any action for the sake of humanity. Because a creator never wants to harm, he just wants to save us.

                                At last, I want to say that adore yourself first. Because if someone doesn’t love himself no one will love him. I pray to the almighty that he may protect us and show the right path. Share this article with your friends, it will help them in their day to day life.


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