Why Does Love Hurt in a Relationship?

Love is a strong emotion or feeling that develops in every human being. When people feel connected with another person, they get attached to them. This feeling slowly becomes very strong, and they find they are very much associated with that person. Once a person gets connected, being apart from them is challenging. Keep reading to learn “why does love hurt.” 

Love can be beautiful at the same time; it can be painful. Also, it gives you both joy and sorrow.

Why does love hurt

Further, there is a love bond between two friends, and there is another love bond between a couple, but the purest form of love bond is found in the love of our parents for us.

If there is a fight or any kind of problem, there may be situations in which our friend, boyfriend/girlfriend cannot always be together at times, but our parents will always be together no matter the problem.

Falling in love for someone is risky work as it ultimately gives us happiness and sadness. If you want to know why love hurts, stay on this page to learn more about it.

Reasons Why Does Love Hurt

When a person is in love, they open all their heart deeply to the person they love. They connect to that person so deeply. At that time, they become heartsick and shattered when it gets over. 

They expect more and more from the person they love. They always expect to be with them. They get hurt when this expectation does not come true or is fulfilled.

The person gets heartbroken. This heartbreak affects that person and some people can get depressed also. Heartbreak pain is so worse that it feels like someone is punching you inside your chest. After all, the possible reason why love hurts is: 

  1. Chemical reason

The chemicals in the brain, dopamine, and oxytocin hormones, change your love feelings. When you are in love, these hormones’ levels increase, and you feel terrific. You want that good feeling again when you don’t get it again and again, your heart breaks.

Then there is another hormone, cortisol, that is active during heartbreak. This hormone level changes when there is heartbreak.

  1. Carrying heartbreak reason 

Another reason why does love hurt: when you are broken for someone, it is tough to get over it. It is difficult to forget everything and move on, but you should try anyway. If you carry it, then there will be no use. It will only and only hurt you. Therefore you should leave it as soon as possible.

  1. Making some future prediction

When two people are in a love relationship, they make some promises and future planning, which gives them happiness. But when they separate, all these become a memory that gives them nothing but sadness. All the memories become painful.

  1. Do not attach deeply

We all know that only a permanent relationship with our family will last for a long time. The rest of the relationship is temporary. Therefore, we should not attach to anyone so deeply that it will hurt us in the end. You have lost so much that you can not live without that person that you forget yourself.

What are the Positive Things to Learn?

Positive Things to Learn

When you suffer from heartbreak, you become strong. You learn some important lessons of life, whom to trust and whom to not, and how to deal with problems in life. Therefore, heartbreak makes you stronger. After all, you can do the following things to make yourself stronger. 

  • Try to engage yourself in other activities as much as possible.
  • Do not talk about your past love problems; it will only give you a bad memory. 
  • Move on.
  • Think positively about whatever happens good for you.
  • Try to find out what lesson it teaches you. 


This post provides information about love, what love is, why does love hurt in a relationship, what is the positive thing to learn from love, and how to avoid hurting yourself from love. 

Love is a beautiful feeling if you will feel it. It only hurts you when a relationship doesn’t work. It gives you critical life lessons and makes you more intelligent. 

Finally, if you fail in love, that doesn’t mean your life is over. Take it as a part of life and move on. That’s it. 

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